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Local Children’s Farm Lost
Everything in 
Australia Day Floods!

At 4.30am on Australia Day 2013 the operators of Serendipity Farm Animal Centre were woken by the baby camel Humphrey as he screamed for help!
The creek behind the farm had broken  it’s banks and over a metre of water was gushing through the farm!
The lovely open farm that gave many hours of joy to hundreds of families throughout the year was destroyed in  a matter of seconds.
Thanks to Humphrey all of the resident animals of the local animal rescue facility were saved! Every fence, stable, shelter and pen was lost in the deluge of water that morning! All of the animals were led to the safety of higher ground and temporary shelters were made to accommodate all of the furry and feathered friends! After the water receded it was evident that not only had the water taken away the majority of the infrastructure of the farm but it had deposited items too! Wire, logs, rocks and over a foot of mud was covering the entire farm. Anything that had not been washed away was there but was destroyed under thick, black mud. Immediately supporters of  Serendipity rallied around to help with the clean up but the operators decided that it was just too dangerous a place to have families with children attend. This is when the family got stuck into it and cleaned up everything that would be a danger to animals or volunteers. This was stage one of the clean-up and re-build!

Farm now ready to rebuild! Are YOU ready to help?

Three months on and after lots of hours of hard physical work Serendipity Farm is now ready to accept volunteer helpers. Members of the community are invited to come along and help to rebuild gardens, plant trees, pick up a hammer or help out in any way that they can!  “We would like to re-open to the public ASAP” said founder Abbie Veivers “ We love to share what we have here and families love the ‘hands on’ experiences of all of our friendly farm animals!’
“We have done the  majority of the clean-up phase and we are now ready to make it look nice again and make it a fun place to be!” added volunteer Fundraising Officer Jess Clancy.
For Information on working bee days please call the farm on 07 54629171




Serendipity Farm Livestock Rescue


At first glance, Serendipity Farm 35 km south of  Gatton looks like any other small farm but take a closer look and you'll see some of the animals there haven't had the best start in life.

It's the cold hard reality of life on commercial farms, sick or injured livestock are usually put down to save on expense and time.

Serendipity Farm can't bear the thought of it so they've become a refuge for animals rejected by farms through no fault of their own. Animals that have also ‘out grown’ their families are most welcome here as they are often taken into homes as pets and the owners are not aware of the sheer size that some of these creatures will grow to.

They've taken in Rosie the blind cow, Heavenly the three-legged goat given up for dead at birth and Mooney the stock horse injured when he got tangled in a rope. They take in calves born on dairy farms and torn away from their   mothers  then put up for sale, destined to become dog food or meat for people with exquisite tastes. Let’s not forget to mention well loved Jenny Craig their big fat sow who outgrew her former home.

It’s hard work for the whole family, up at the crack of dawn for feeding and any special care needed  before going off to work or school. Though the family feel that  the satisfaction and unconditional love that they  get from the animals is enough of a reason to keep going.


Some of the animals that now have ‘Forever Homes’ at Serendipity Farm Livestock Rescue.

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  To donate in any way that you can then please don't hesitate to contact us via any of the methods below. In the future we will be looking for a major sponsor so if you would be willing to help with this or you know anyone that may be intrested in doing this then please don't hesitate to contact us  

Phone: 07 54629171
Mob: 0424932829

Please note that we only have mobile reception when in town so any messages left on mobiles may not be retrieved for a few days

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Serendipity Farm is now a registered not for profit organisation. All the bills for associated costs of seeking out and purchasing these animals and for their care and upkeep comes from within the family itself or from thee sale of offspring and rehabilitated livestock.

Any animals that are born at Serendipity farm from rescued livestock are sold on to help raise funds for food and other costs.

Farm Fresh produce is also available in season and home made conserves and preserves are often available whilst stocks last.

Piglets, Ducklings and chicks are often available for sale.

Of course there is also the very important addition of donations from other people. Some of these people are the most generous people we have ever met and their contributions are very much appreciated. These people understand that it’s everyone’s responsibility to look after those that  cannot speak up for themselves.

Every little bit helps!!